when im home alone

me: *sings every disney song*
me: *reenacts all lord of the ring movies *
me: *reenacts lion king with my dog *
me: *takes two hour nap *
me: *makes food *
me: *consumes it all *
mom: *comes home *
me: I'm bored
This m&m looks like he really wants to get it on

This m&m looks like he really wants to get it on

I apologize, this panel has been shut down. I’m working the weekend of the con and my DJ hates me, so Promstuck is henceforth not being run by us.

Anonymous Asked:
Hi! So, for Promstuck on the 21st of June, are you guys running that? Or what? Renting the hall is a huge amount of money, feels kind of sketchy to be honest. Hopefully it really is serious? I just dont want to get my hopes up

We are not running that one actually. Don’t know who is, don’t know anything about it… Sorry, if I do get more info I’ll try to post it.

Have you guys put in your panel registration for geek yet?

Uhm… Let me contact DJ EGGBERT and see if we did! ((I can’t remember)) v.v


Anime Milwaukee 2014 - Promstuck

Promstuck 2014 was a success! DJ EGGBERT and I had a lovely time, and from talking with a few promgoers, you did too. I’d like to take some time and point out a few things that I’d like everyone to keep in mind next time:

- Yes, I know that at a convention, everyone’s excited and pumped up— but you do NOT have the right to make anyone kiss or have physical contact with anyone. It’s uncomfortable and awkward to be put into that situation— and Promstuck is a safe place! We need to keep our rep positive and clean so we can keep hosting this! So I know it’s a “bummer” to not get fanservice, but it’s not okay to make people do that.

- I’m going to start working on a book with songs that you can request right there at prom. I’ll have to talk with DJ EGGBERT about it and how it can work, but from the several requests I got (as well as the confirmations about certain songs,) I think we’re shaping the list together quite well. 

- Although I thought this was clear, I guess I have to make a point, you can run for kid OR troll. Not both. Same with king OR queen. Now yes you can run for kid/troll and king/queen. But not all four. The limit is two per person, and those two are one species and one royalty. We only count those who are playing it fair.

Thank you for coming to Promstuck 2014! Make sure to keep an eye out for it, since we’ll be hosting it several more times throughout the year!


The time has been confirmed, Promstuck starts at 1:00 pm on Saturday.

Hey, i was just wondering about cosplay props. I'm going to promstuck as terezi and may / may not bring my scalemate. I think he'd get in the way of dancing, but pyralspite looks so handsome in a bowtie and I want to bring him up with me for the king/queen voting. Is there anywhere in the room I can leave an item w/o having it stolen? I think I can trust cosplayers not to take him, but im just wondering how you'll be handling bags/items for those unable to leave them in a hotel room

Completely!! As you know, there’s a big main table at panels, you can sit your things there and DJ EGGBERT and I will keep an eye on them! I’ll also be bringing name tags, so we can mark which things belong to people and avoid complications!