Anime Milwaukee 2014 - Promstuck

Promstuck 2014 was a success! DJ EGGBERT and I had a lovely time, and from talking with a few promgoers, you did too. I’d like to take some time and point out a few things that I’d like everyone to keep in mind next time:

- Yes, I know that at a convention, everyone’s excited and pumped up— but you do NOT have the right to make anyone kiss or have physical contact with anyone. It’s uncomfortable and awkward to be put into that situation— and Promstuck is a safe place! We need to keep our rep positive and clean so we can keep hosting this! So I know it’s a “bummer” to not get fanservice, but it’s not okay to make people do that.

- I’m going to start working on a book with songs that you can request right there at prom. I’ll have to talk with DJ EGGBERT about it and how it can work, but from the several requests I got (as well as the confirmations about certain songs,) I think we’re shaping the list together quite well. 

- Although I thought this was clear, I guess I have to make a point, you can run for kid OR troll. Not both. Same with king OR queen. Now yes you can run for kid/troll and king/queen. But not all four. The limit is two per person, and those two are one species and one royalty. We only count those who are playing it fair.

Thank you for coming to Promstuck 2014! Make sure to keep an eye out for it, since we’ll be hosting it several more times throughout the year!


The time has been confirmed, Promstuck starts at 1:00 pm on Saturday.

Hey, i was just wondering about cosplay props. I'm going to promstuck as terezi and may / may not bring my scalemate. I think he'd get in the way of dancing, but pyralspite looks so handsome in a bowtie and I want to bring him up with me for the king/queen voting. Is there anywhere in the room I can leave an item w/o having it stolen? I think I can trust cosplayers not to take him, but im just wondering how you'll be handling bags/items for those unable to leave them in a hotel room

Completely!! As you know, there’s a big main table at panels, you can sit your things there and DJ EGGBERT and I will keep an eye on them! I’ll also be bringing name tags, so we can mark which things belong to people and avoid complications!

Anonymous Asked:
Could you fit some Broadway Karkat songs into the promstuck playlist?

Yes! Today I re-did it because some of the songs didn’t exactly flow, I added in a few of Karkat’s songs as well as some of Aradia’s!

Anonymous Asked:
hey quick question, my friends and i are planning on going to promstuck for AMKE this year and we're wondering if theres a certain room it'll be in or something??

Right now it’s scheduled for room 103 (C)! It’ll be in the panel pamphlet at the con, so don’t worry! If you want to find me that day and ask any questions I’m Castiel in the Supernatural: Truth or Dare!

Hope to see you there!!


bachlobster Asked:
I just looked at the amke schedule and this is scheduled for 1pm. I thought it was going to be at night?

AMKE’S Panel schedule isn’t up yet, but if you’re talking about the Homestuck Monologue Panel, yes, that is at 1 pm— but I am not hosting that. Promstuck is on Saturday from 8:30 pm to 10:00 pm, it’s listed at “Promstuck 2014”


The playlist has been finalized! Per requests from our last Promstuck, it’s a mix of J-POP/K-POP and Midwestern singles! Artists include:

  • Girl’s Generation
  • Girl’s Generation TTS
  • Panic! At The Disco
  • Kyarypamyupamyu
  • Paramore
  • Kana Nishino
  • The Beatles

There are a few more artists but those are the more popular ones! If there is anything you’d like to hear, I’ll fit it into the playlist!

- thegayestmormonofthemall

We’re pulling together our playlist! But we’d like your input— what would you like to hear at Promstuck 2014?

So do we have to Register like before hand for like the prom king and queen?

Here’s a short rundown on signing up for the contests:

At Promstuck, I’ll be standing up in the back of the room (once I know who I’m cosplay I’ll announce it here.) If you can’t find me, just ask DJ Eggbert where I am (he’s my dad, so he’ll know.) But the biggest hint that I’m running it will be the clipboard I’m carrying. If you want to sign up for it all you have to do is come up to me and give me your name— it can be your real name, your character’s name, or if you’re feeling creative, make one up. You just have to remember it! If the name is taken I’ll tell you and if you don’t really care what it is I can make it up for you and tell you what it is. But you’ll sign up like that. Thirty minutes before the Prom ends, I’ll call up each category by itself. I’ll list off the names I have written down in the order they occurred, people will line up and I’ll call out for any last minute participants. The way we judge is by applause, which yes, can sometimes be difficult, but we usually do it once and then eliminate those who didn’t get as much applause until we’re down to two beings. You don’t have to be a boy to run for King, just as you don’t have to be a girl to run for Queen. If you don’t care which one, I’ll just put you down for whichever crown will go with your costume the best. 

The only contest that has specific rules to it is the Kid and Troll. You cannot be a troll entering for Kid and vice versa (even if you’re a troll dressed up as a kid.) But that’s really the only rule, there’s nothing that says you have to be dressed up to enter— BUT YOU CANNOT BE NAKED!!! Please don’t show up naked.

All I do ask (besides that one rule for the two subcategories) is that everyone is a good sport!! This won’t be the only Promstuck held at AMKE, I swear. Also, you can sign up for King/Queen and Kid/Troll at the same time. If you look back in the past photos, Kid/Troll is 1st, 2nd, 3rd— so there are three winners per (last year there were two 3rd’s because they got the same amount of applause, yes it happens and we’ll count you both as winners.)

Gonna put this out there too: last years winners knew each other or something? I’m not sure, they wanted to kiss— we’re not going to make you. So I guess this is just a message to other participants: We are not making anyone do anything. If someone comes up to me and tells me you’re getting too close and personal with anyone at all, we’re not taking that. Cosplay is not consent.

Feel free to ask any other questions!